Monday, February 13, 2012

Negative Ghostrider....

So much to say .... but nothing really that important. Ever feel that way? Multiple things going on in your head.. so many ideas things you want to do , you feel you need to do or say.
Things you wish you could fix or change? But somewhere in your mind there is this block... this mind block that wants to shut you down. This little voice that came from somewhere saying you can't do that...and you listen. You don't want to listen but other things start happening in your mind through life, work, or whatever and that idea gets shoved aside because in that brief instant you listened to that block.
Where does this block come from? Is it already there from day one or is it instilled through life with negativity? Is there a way to rid of this block?
Why can't I seem to get past this block? This awful little thing which tells me no... which I let tell me no. Over a period of time if you are told no in life so much does it just become a small habit to listen and go with it?
I have found that anger of pushing through when certain people have told me I can't do certain things and proved them wrong. Why can't I push through this voice this block that continues to tell me no?
I'm not broken...I'm not sad. I just am finding where to go next. I seem to be able to let others effect me to where I will do anything to prove them wrong if they say NO you cannot do that. Why can't I seem to find the motivation to prove myself wrong?


cpntrev said...

Hang in there friend, I think you will figure it out!

Bettina said...

Why don't you just tell a friend what your particular block is, have them repeat it to you as an ultimatum with a very strong 'NO' and then you go out and prove them wrong!